Empowering to Elevate

Empowering to Elevate (E2E) is an organization based around providing educational facilities with the tools needed to tackle mental health challenges from within.

Zach competed in the 2023 Flyer Pitch and won a free design package from CXO. After redesigning their website, they signed up to our Partnership Program in order to establish their marketing channels as they focused on winning more contracts with school systems across the state of Ohio. Our efforts allowed them to steadily increase their sales activity as their brand image helped them win over the trust of School Boards much quicker than in the past.

Now, their big initiative is to begin hiring more counselors to meet the high demand for mental health services in the community. Our team is supporting them by planning out and implementing an effective recruiting campaign that not only helps them attract but to screen and onboard the right counselors for their clients.

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