Connor Clarke

Hi I’m Connor, and I’m your Fractional Chief Strategy Officer at CXO!

My main role is helping CXO’s Partners understand their customers. Seems simple, but in reality most business owners get stumped whenever they sit down and write it out! By understanding your customers and segmenting them into groups, you can more easily tailor your products, services, investments, and marketing messages to better meet their needs!

I am a former entrepreneur and small business owner, now immersed in the corporate world within marketing and strategy. I have a diverse background, having founded and worked for startups and small businesses. My latest venture was an HR technology business that facilitated matches between employers and job seekers based on cultural compatibility.

Since 2020, I've been employed by a Fortune 500 company, where I assist portfolio businesses with strategy formation and measurement. Additionally, I help executive leadership consider investment options and positioning relative to macroeconomic events. Most recently, I've taken on the responsibility of marketing hair care products.

However, I couldn't resist the allure of the small business world. Despite transitioning away from my last startup in 2020, I've remained involved with small businesses and startups, and eventually found myself signing up to be the Chief Strategy Officer of the CXO team!

In my spare time, I enjoy cultivating various skills and knowledge. From learning German and piano to more whimsical pursuits like juggling and ballroom dancing, I find joy in expanding my horizons. I draw inspiration from individuals I consider to be the "artists" of the world, such as Richard Branson, Leonardo da Vinci, and the Count of Monte Cristo.

Connor Clarke

Chief Strategy Officer